Sebastian Lives in a Hat … But the great thing about this book is that small children don't do very much either, and my son likes seeing the wombat doing things he does, like sleeping, having milk, keeping warm and weeing. Sebastian is a small, pink fuzzy wombat who lives in a hat. All purchases earn Scholastic Rewards for your nominated school. Classroom management: students complete and focus on task with minimal disruption and completion within lesson time-frame. Reading Texts Comprehension Vocabulary Knowledge Aspects of Writing Aspects of Speaking Phonics events took place.Phonemic Awareness - * Create a class appreciation board for students, EN1-6B recognises a range of purposes and audiences for spoken language and recognises He feels that Maru is treated better than he is, and during Winter will talk about building a snow-goon that Demetrius demands he removes; he will then angrily question what his step-father's problem is. - Sebastian Lives in a Hat by Thelma Catterwell Paperback Book. Edition Description. Sebastian lives in a hat. The story focuses on the daily care of Sebastian and his … #stayingconnected #gsgoldwater #neveralone #juicedtv #inthistogether. Sebastian lives with his mother, Robin, along with his step-dad Demetrius and half-sister Maru. Challenge the students by erasing some of the words that you had on the board. Explain to the students that they are now going to write their own recount in their books and we are going to compare these at the end to see how we went. //